Shelves from horizontal to vertical

January 3, 2017

During the process of preparing my quilt fabric shop, I began to look at furniture differently.


These old shelves we had were typical press wood and not usable for fabric display. After my husband so sweetly painted them to be “my” ice blue (or sea foam blue) color, I decided to fix them to work for me….


First I turned the entire unit on its side so they were no longer horizontal, but the shelves ran vertical.


Then I removed the front bars that were there to make it sturdy.





Then I touched up the paint on the former bottoms of the shelves.

Once this was done, I took the front bars and used jig saw to cut them to the same depth of the shelf. Using a handy $19 drill from WalMart I attached the new small bars inside the shelves.

I cut each shelf to fit between the now verticals. Once all was attached, I painted and touched up everything that needed painting.


I added fabric bolts and “ta-da” I have fabric shelves!!!



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