Pattern of the Month!

Each month we choose a pattern to put on special for long arm work! This is an excellent way to finish up those projects that have b

been sitting there for a while!


January & February Pattern of the Month

Set price depending on the size:

up to throw $45

twin $65

full $85

queen $100

king $140

*sizes based on Tea Cup Published Size Chart

Long-arm Quilting made easy


1. Bring Your Quilt Top into Tea Cup

- no need to pin baste or spray baste; just keep the parts separate

- purchase 100% cotton batting at Tea Cup or bring your batting with

- purchase fabric for the back at Tea Cup and they will piece it for you or bring your backing with


2. Choose meander, an edge to edge panto or a free motion custom

(starts at 1.5 cents per square inch)


3. If you'd like; Tea Cup can attach binding to the front for a small fee.


      THAT'S IT - EASY


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